Is my Man Cyber-Cheating?

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What’s Cyber-Cheating? Should I be Worried about my Man?

Constant access to internet, cell phones and social media has founded an entirely new breed of cheating on your partner: Cyber-CheatingCyber-Cheating is a non-physical relationship kept up over intimate texts, emails, photo exchanges, and even talking face-to-face over the computer on programs such as Skype.

Although there is no physical contact – in most cases they never actually meet in person – it can be equally damaging to a relationship as a physical cheat would be, if not more.

With websites galore for online dating, it’s not hard to meet new people online.  Some taken men will open up an account on a dating website to pass time at work, or flirt ‘harmlessly’ to boost his ego.

While it may seem harmless in the beginning, he may end up connecting with one or more of these women.  It begins with a few emails back and forth, then on to texts or phone calls.  Many will go so far as to talk dirty online over Skype and even get naked for each other.

It can be hard to deal with for a woman to find out her man has been keeping up a relationship with someone he has never even met.  Is it is cheating?  In most cases, yes – it is cheating.

Even if he hasn’t gone so far as to Skype naked, he is still using his energy and intimacy on someone other than you.  Here are some things to look for if you suspect your man may be cyber-cheating.

  1. Decrease in sex drive.

Emotionally your man is elsewhere.  He will want sex less, and put less effort into it when it does happen.

  1. Petty Arguments

Any secret relationship causes stress, and he may start arguing about insignificant things.  He may also be trying to find reasons to be upset with you to justify his behaviour.

  1. Long Periods of Time on Cell or Computer

People spend a lot of time on the computer these days, but if he’s closing you out of the room and spending hours on the computer – be suspicious.

  1. Defensive

Ask him why he’s on the phone or computer so much lately.  If he is defensive or can’t tell you straight away he may be hiding something.

  1. Passwords

Does his cell phone and PC suddenly have a password needed to gain access? If you don’t have these passwords he may be cyber-cheating.

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