Exploring the perineum

A description of what the perineum is and how to derive maximum pleasure from this key erogenous zone for men, with your hands or with adult anal toys. The perineum is the area of skin directly underneath a man’s genital region. It’s a penny sized pleasure point is the prostate, which is found between the testicles and the anus. The perineum is also known as the male G-spot and isn’t all that difficult to find, but it does require a little patience. The best way to identify is to lie on your back with your legs elevated, or relax with your legs over the back of the sofa. Ways to play To start exploring this pleasure centre of nerve endings, use your index and middle fingertips, and gently rub, stroke or press your perineum, trying various sensations and pressures. You can also use a specially designed adult anal sex toy, but take it easy, and don’t overdo it, it’s a sensitive spot. Perineum massage can work equally as effectively with just a simple cotton bud, but this is best massaged by a willing partner who can stimulate you with greater accuracy. If you prefer, you can also use your other hand to explore other parts of your body.  You’ll soon discover what feels good. If you decide to explore with adult anal toys, gently massage the area with the dome shaped toy, or alternatively have your partner massage you with the male anal toy. If you use a vibrating male anal toy make sure it has a multi-speed controller because the sensations can be very intense and you may need to take it easy at first. If you have a partner that enjoys to give oral sex, lucky you!  Why not have her give you a blow job while stimulating your prostate. Just place your hands against the back of a sofa or lean against the wall, bending at a 90-degree angle. Spread your legs apart and your woman can blow you as she kneels in front of you. Enjoy the sensations of the blowjob, and towards the end of the session when you are fully aroused, ask her to place a finger or knuckle on your perineum, pressing firmly in a pumping motion. This will add mightily to the effects of your orgasm.

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